|SkinFair favourites| p.1. PXL July.

SkinFair is running for over a week now and finally I found proper amount of time to tell you something about that from my side. I decided to show you first few of my favourites skins from the fair and then to quick round and talk something about brand new (to me) stores I discovered there.  Today ‘favourites’ part 1!

Mr Larsson worked hard lately and brought us brand new skin line to the fair. July skin is in the style we all know and love in PXL but at the same time so different. I blogged about Grace line back in February and I was beta tester of Kim in summer so I can easly see all improvement in newest skin line but so will you, belive me!

The thing that totally won me for this skin is complete flawless of the skin and perfection in every little detail. Let’s start from some obvious facts. July comes in 3 skintones so far ( Sunkissed, LightTan and Natural; from left to right), in 2 cleavage options, and freckled and non-freckled version :

The smoothness is even better this time and works perfectly with rich details and shading about wich I’d like to tell you about now. As I said before skin is flawless but the details are something what makes that skin so special. Shading is well-ballanced and deep. My favourite part (favourite details) is torso. Hart added some beauty marks wich gave some special character. I made little collage with some closeup of my favourite parts. Take a look at that perfect stomach and pelvis shading.I hate telling that but pictures speak for themselfs!

July’s face seems to me more realistic and yet again perfect in every detail. Of course there is plenty of options if it’s about makeup. As usually Mr Larsson offers mix of Nude, Cat, Smoky and Dark eyes with Nude, Pale, Coffee, Pink, Rose, Red, Passion, Wine lips wiht or without freckless. There is something new this time – Spring makeups, lovely pastel colours (blue, green etc) mixed with classic lips options. Here is few of my favourites:

From left to right: NAT (skintone) ne nude deb f, ne passion meb, ne rose meb (my favourite, can go absolutely with every look), se pale meb f, springpale meb.

And some little detail for the end – I’ve heard lately that I should smile more, so I tried to make my more ‘sexy’ and ‘lovely’ smile and I noticed that teeth in July skins are just lovely (I don’t pay much attention for that detail usually and so it was accidentally this time).

PXL July

If you don’t know PXL skins yet or you haven’t check new line yet you should definetly go and pick up some demos. If you’re afraid of lag on SkinFair you can also try July line in PXL mainstore.

Ps. Click on pictures to see them in normal size.

[LeLutka] Eclat

Long awaited new LeLutka’s skin line is finally out (release on October 10th) and Minnu did it again. Surprised everyone. Eclat is slightly different from her previous lines, something new for sure but still we can see her touch on it. There was a litle bit of controversy of course, everyone has their own opinion, wich makes that release even more intresting. I admit that I have some kind of weakness for LeLutka’s skins and of course I will not hide that I sometimes may be a bit too sweet saying about those skins but this time as everytime I’ll try to give some contructive opinion. At the begingin I should say – I like them. There were some voices that skins are bad, brows are too thick or it’s just not pretty. I like them and I don’t think they’re bad however as a skin-fan I see some details that could be better or fixed but still I do like them. Let’s start with body then. It’s definetly much more detailed this time. It looks more realistic because of that to me. We can se more shading and bit of new elements added (now I have in mind details around hips area). Also new is a bit of shiny here and there (for example breats, back, legs). The shine is nicely applied on the body and even if I’m big fan of matt I like it. So,  first big plus goes for great detailed body. bodydetails Since we are still speaking of body let’s talk about skintones. Eclat skins comes in usuall LeLutka skintones however I noticed little difference this time. They are richer but unfortunately this time taned skintones are a bit too much orange for me. I can’t really tell much about tan myself because I never felt good in it but I think less orange tone would work better for many of you. Of course big big plus is that this time Eclat offers freckled version! I know that few freckles-fans out there would sey “Hey, they are only on face! What about body?” but still I’m thankfull for that option and amount of freckles is right for the character of skin. For more freckless we will have to wait, maybe LeLutka someday offer some skin dedicated for redheads? Ok, back to subject, freckles are neat and again my choice are 1st 2 skintones (Fair and Pale), howevr I must admit I like freckles more on darker toner (oh irony!). From left to right – Fair, Pale, Light,  Sunkissed, Suntan). 4080314375_06de2113e4_b I agree and disagree with opinion that skin doesn’t match the body. It’s only half-true because when we take a look on the profile, especially on temple it does match the neck and lower body. The reason for that impression is lighting up on face with a bit of shimmer. I think it’s a try to continue effect from body (summer shimmerish) but it made a bit mess on face. I’m not huge fan of that so little minus for that, forunate enough on fair (my favourite tone so far) is not that visable. 4080264599_bc8dfb73d7_b On the picture above you can also see another new option – hairbase. LeLutka offers only 2 hairbases: blonde and dark. I like hairbase/hairline mostly only when I wear buns and they work nice too. They are photorealistic of course and matches to LeLutka’s hair textures. I usually wear non-hairbase options but it’s nice difference. Little minus again for only 2 colour options (what about our lovely redheads?). Now something what interes us (or at least me) most – face. Face is definetly different. It has character. Nose is a bit bigger in my opinion and more rounded however still works best on thin noses (typicall for LL’s skin, right?). The thing what is screaming on that face are brows. Oh hai Sasha Pivovarova’s and MK Olsen’s brows! The lips has usually shape, are big and a bit pouty, in some makeups they look like need good lipbalm and it’s something what I don’t really like. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph all makeups in skintones wich I showed above but as usuallly I choosed my favourite ones. Of course I made little descriptions about them with some connections to RL trends. Fair:

4081019000_2e6247fbd2_oFrom left to right:

*1(darkbrows) – I choosed it mostly because of lovely combination of eyeshadows, it goes in almost every tone in different combination. *2(darkbrows) – it reminds me a bit of Twiggy makeup and it definetly connect to so popular trend of double liner (Gaultier, Erdem) *6(darkbows) – one of my favourite trends in makeups this year, neutral and almost invisable eye makeup and matte colour on lips, here is orange; (there is also version with pink lips but with a bit different eyes) Pale:

4081041670_271e679228_oFrom left to right:

*  – that is definetly my favourite trend in makeup this year: duo colour of green pea and pink * – neutral  and casual makeup (something simillar to my favourite makeup from london revolution line) * – and of course strong cat liner plus red lips – timeless makeup. Light:

4080268849_e12cea281d_oFrom left to rigth:

* very light and pure, I wish too see it in fair tone;
* cateye liner and pale matte lips, great combination however liner need a bit of smoothness in my taste;
* last one – black lips, I know most of you think about Lady Gaga seeing this but it reminds me first about this;

Now, again. Check it yourself! I’d love to hear your opinion 🙂

❤ Flutter M.

Ps. Tomorrow SkinFair post round 1 :)! Stay tunned!

2th Skinfair 2009 on Vanity Universe


We are proud to present you the 2 th  Skinfair  2009 at the Vanity Universe Sim.

The Expo will open on November  7 th  2009 at  12  PM SLT.

Donations for the aid organization “Care” will be collected during this event.
“Care” is an international aid organization founded to relieve the distress and poverty worldwide,
regardless of any  political tendencies,  religion or ethnicity.

“Care” is currently seeking donations needed urgently in order to help those suffering
hunger in Africa, because their situation has worsened dramatically due to the current
worldwide economic crisis. It is my intention that the funds collected here will be
used primarily for children projects.


50 % of the rental revenues will be donated to Care,as well as the designer items sold via the ” Care vendors ” .Some designers specially -designed skins  for the fair which are only available  here- In addition, we have also donation boxes for a care donation positioned.

More than 45  international designers will be represented.

At this Expo designers will be presenting their latest  and  new skins for men and women.
Besides the ‘big players’ we managed to attract many smaller designers as well
as some promising newcomers which will definitely value a visit to the Expo.

Additionally many designers have been preparing nice goodies for the visitors.

We’re looking forward to meeting you at Vanity Universe!

Vanity Universe Team

vanity universe skinfair 2009


Now something from me – I’m one of official bloggers of that Fair so stay tunned for some previews/picks etc soon :).
Flutter M.

My (not so) Ugly Dorothy.

This is a long overdue review but I still enjoy skin the same. It’s not newest face by Sopha McCallen but I think it’s still my favourite one.

As probably many of you I discovered My Ugly Dorothy in thanks to Anya Ohmai and her wonderfull blog. Innocent girlish face and lovely creamy and soft body catched my eye immediately! Quiet hectic RL and SL made to only add surl to category “to check” and I finally found my way to that lovely store in July.

I tried few already released faces on but my then newly released Jin totally won me! I was overloaded with cuteness and biggest impression then and  made the lips.


As I meationed before the body itself is very soft but nicely detailed at the same time. Skin texture has that lovely schimmer and creamy touch I adore in skins so much. Tummy is one of my fav I’ve seen in SL, I also like collar bone and hands wich are perfect in my opinion. Back details are a bit too “heavy” for my taste but still well-done.


Whole face is very innocent looking. Lovely lips are not only thins I like on that face. Brows are very different comparing to other skins in SL. The thing I love truely after second sight and would love to stare at over and over again is nose. Usually I’m lips obssesed but the nose is small and perfectly rounded.  Jin comes in 24 makeups options. Each makeup comes in plain version and beautymark version. They suits skisn well, are simple and girlish. The thing I love is texture on blush. Lashes are drawn on the skin, wich I don’t quiet like as they are not very my style.


This lovely combo (elements of hand-drawning and photosourcing) is great for someone who is looking for less mature look and something cute at the same time.  Just for the record – they are very affordable.

Check them ourself @ MyUglyDorothy Mainstore.

❤ Flutter Memel

Inner sexy secretary – *new* Imagen skin.

Skin&Shape Expo is now over but some of the delicious skins are now in Mainstores. Today I’d like to talk about new and wonderfull skins from Imagen. I’ve already blogged that brand back in February (here). Rack Brautigan very nicely mixes hand drawnings with photosourced pieces. Her based on Eloh’s templates are uniqe and orignal.

Miss Rack brought us some fresh and new faces on Skin&Shape Expo (and now they’re avaible in her store). Two brand new and one updated  faces amazes with cutness and simplicity. Well balanced and shaded body (much more detailed this time and softer I think) works great with fresh and young looking faces. This time I decided to do something a bit different than my usuall posts. I’d like to focus on one makeup – Rita.

imagens Irene 2.0 Rita in Este (tone)

Rita is a combination of well-done eyeliner and juicy red lips. It’s quiet popular mix but made by Rack has own character and gives sexy touch on rather girl-next-door looking skins. Below from left to right Rita makeup on: Irene 2.o , Mira and Niu.


Irene 2.0 – that freckled beauty is updated version of Irene (wich i blogged in my first post about Imagen). The skin is avaible in Este tone and also additional in 3 more makeups (Natural, Cielo, Nocte).

Mira – fawless skin and young  face. I love delicate beautymarks on the face. Skin is offered in 4 skintones – Este, Norte, Oeste and Sur. Like previous one you can get it in 4 makeups.

Niu is exotic beauty and totally won my heart. I couldn’t decide wich I like more (oh those freckles on Irene!) but asap I put this on I knew. I notice here a bit more photosourced elements on face but they are well balanced. I also love the texture on the skin . Skin has really uniqe character. Comes only in one tone Oeste (showed above) and as previous skins in 4 makeups.

Again Imagen skins catched my eye and surely I will be coming back to them. I hope we will see some more makeups soon!

Visit Imagen Mainstore and check it yourself!

❤ Flutter Memel

Skins/Shapes Fair – Flutter’s picks.

I’m back after longer hiatus again. RL was keeping me busy but I finally found some time to chill out and of course I visited Skins/Shapes Fair. I haven’t bought bunch of skins as you could expect from me – I limited myself only to 3 skins wich I’d like to show you today. Please mind that they’re my personal choices and on the Fair you can find many many of beautiful skins wich can steal your hearts!

Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena


Mochi Milena presented her second skin on this Fair and I must say I can see giant progress. I liked her first skins but same as some fellow blogger Esme Milena I couldn’t get it work for me. I was keep hoping that next one will work for me.  Skye won my heart since first demo trying and I knew I’m gonna stick with that skin for longer time. Whole look is very cute as all Pink Fuel’s items. I had quiet hard time while choosing the makeup because they are all pretty and well-done. I’m definetly going back for more. The skin show above is in Milk (lightest) tone and Beestung makeup. The best on the skin are lips of course – to die for. Perfectly lipglossed – I can almost feel tatse of the lipgloss. You get 8 skins in the folder – light and dark brows with and without freckles/hairbase each. Big plus from me for hairbase – I rediscovering buns inSL and they look on me much better with hairbases.
Visit Pink Fuel @ the Fair. Single skin – 900L$*

Rockberry by Heather Beebe


Farrah from Rockberry is for me hottest skin I’ve lately tried. I get used to cute and sweet looks created by Heather but Farrah is 100% different. Only two words can describe what I feel about it – smoky hot! It gave me maybe a bit cold but sexy look. I say yes, yes, YES! Here also shown in lightest tone – light, makeup I. You get two skin in the folder (shaved/non shaved option) and here surprise – tintable lips. Something what we already could enjoy in previous Uma skin and something what I really appreciate.
Visit Rockberry @ the Fair. Single skin – (!) 275L$ (!)*.

And at least but not last…

Tuli by Tuli Asturias


Bella is here! It’s reason I’ve been trying to get to the Fair on Saturdy almost whole day. When Tuli sent demos on Friday to her group with shakin’ hands I unpacked box and tried on. I was speechless. I was waiting impatiently to try this skin since Tuli was teasing us with picture on plurk/her blog. I think I reached my skin nirvana (at least for some time). Tuli did much more photosourcing here and did it great. Bella has perfect freckles and brows, lips are gorgoeus and has pretty beautymark. Skin has usuall Tuli spirit but looks slightly different from previous ones. It’s official, I’m in love. Skin comes in few different skintones, wich are rather dark for my taste (even pale, shown above) and in few unique makeups options.
Visit Tuli @ the Fair. Single skin – 1000L$ (worth every linden!)*.

See you soon and I hope you enjoy!

❤ F.

*I usually don’t put prices on the blog but since it’s special even I’d like to know how much I need for the visit there 😉

Ps. Tomorrow more reviews and some news!

Ps.2. Forgive me some typos and not very good grammar but I’m not feeling well today and I was determined to bring you some new post.

Curio, continued.

Curio’s Beach in Bean Light Osprey 2

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here and it’s good to be back. I thought I’d start off by showcasing 4 of Gala Phoenix’s newest Curio faces. If you look here, Flutter did an amazing post leading up to now, showcasing all previous faces and if you haven’t read it yet, please do. Especially if you’re curious as to how Gala’s skins have evolved, most definitely if you would like to see the collection of faces available to you. For me personally, Gala’s skins are some of my favorite and absolutely some of the best on the grid. The quality is impeccable. The faces are beautiful, and also hold interest. The makeup choices are fantastic! As with all the skins in newest line, you get 12 makeup choices for each collection. That’s 6 makeup themes, each with a more subtle & more intense version of makeup. Each skin also comes in two tones, lighter & darker, as well as freckled and non-freckled versions.

This is why Gala’s skins are so loved. I can’t think of another line that so extensively considers the happiness of the customer. You have skin tones for all (including the newest, darkest shade, Bean, which I have showcased above), subtle makeups for those who like it more natural, creative & wild makeups for those who are daring, and freckles because they are durn cute. *sighs a happy sigh*

Since Flutter featured a good number of subtle makeups in the previous post (and one smashingly blue eye), I decided I would showcase some of Gala’s creatively wild makeups this time around. I don’t know about you, but I do love a unique makeup to add interest to a look. The key here is that the bizarre does not outweigh the beautiful, and Gala has struck the perfect balance between beautiful and unique. Even the most outlandish makeups in the collection are what I would call easily wearable. They’re just so beautiful, one cannot help but want to wear them.

Curio’s April in Petal Light Redbud 2

I will first start off with April, which has been a huge hit with most everyone who has slipped it on. This has to do with the fact that April is ultra, ultra flattering, with a cute, button nose and pouty rosebud lips. It’s really hard to find a shape that is not flattered by this skin, if you can find one at all. This is most definitely what I would classify as a younger looking skin, with it’s plump and rounded features, although I wouldn’t call it kiddish. It’s young and also womanly, all at once. And if the face doesn’t convince you of that, then the body, with all it’s subtly shaded, slightly dewy brilliance, most certainly will.

Curio’s June in Moonbeam Light Calla Lily 2

Next we have June, which turned out to be my personal favorite. I would describe June as April’s older sister. The lips are still plump, and the nose is still rounded, but just the smallest bit less on both. Instead of having a nose with a width that is quite the same from top to tip, you have one which has a skinnier bridge and a wider tip. This to me, is still very beautiful, but a little more mature, and on some faces, it could be quirkily cute. The body is still brilliant, with it’s beautiful dewy sheen and soft shading.

Curio’s Pin Up in Moonbeam Dark Jitterbug 2

Pin Up is next and I’d like to talk a little bit about, what I would call, the innovation here. For me, Pin Up would not be my everyday default skin, though I have seen it as that on a few girls and it works brilliantly. What I love about this particular face is the artful thought that’s put into it. The face has intentionally been given a ‘powdered look’ just as you get in old Hollywood photos (sometimes new Hollywood photos too, although those lack that certain old time innocence/grace. ;). This skin is indeed grace-filled and very sexy. The makeups are more opaque, especially the lips, and the eye liner is thicker, blacker and more winged. I really appreciate that Gala would take the time to make a really well done, vintage inspired skin. There are many different types of style out there, but one thing is for certain, regardless of what one considers is ‘their look,’ the mainstay concern on everyone’s mind is finding that well made item that will help them express their personal style. When I find themed/speciality items out there, that have had just as much thought put into them as ‘mainstream’ items, I am so grateful, since this is what one would call ‘going the extra mile.’ And we all know there is a lot of room in that crowd!

Curio’s Beach in Moonbeam Light Coral 2

The fourth skin I’m showcasing here is the newest face, Beach, if April could be called ‘adorable’, June ‘sophisticated’ and Pin Up ‘sexy’, I’d call Beach ‘fresh.’ The face on Beach is softer, think along the lines of the previously reviewed Breeze, and the brows are more ‘spirited,’ a touch sunbleached and a little less refined for those summer days. The makeups on Beach are vibrant and sheer, inspired by coral, sea foam, surf and even crude oil! The finish on Beach’s face is creamier than on the previous skins, and is most noticeable on the non-freckled versions. I really, really love this texture as it looks like skin (not completely smooth like hand drawn, but not as textured as source-inspired skin), but the softest kind. Like one was raised eating only peaches and cream and then just moisturized their whole self with a $1,000 jar of Creme de la Mer.

Whichever face you choose in this line, it’s sure to be a winner. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Gala simply cannot do us wrong, her skins are stunning A+++.

xo, Abra

Curio’s Beach in Bean Light Osprey 2

I opened with Bean, and I will close with a body shot of it. ❤

!Skin Love! is looking for contributors! *again*

Yes! We do!

!Skin Love! blog has over a year now (I totally forgot about *anniversary* on August 4th, I admit). I didn’t put enough effort or time to this blog, but first year of university consumed most of my supposedly free time. I’d like to change that, because I think this blog deserves more care and work – and from what I hear a lot of people here would like to see our posts more often.

So, here I am again – I’m looking for reviewers – ladies and gentlemen! Just like the first time please do some sample review (on demos) with pictures and send it to fluttermemel@gmail.com. Deadline:  August 22th.

Go now 🙂 !

Flutter Memel

*Erin* from Bebae – Flutter is back!

I’m still alive and kicking! Well sort off. I’m trying get back to blogging after looong break. Sorry about quality of pics but my craptop is like about to die, I tried to make them as good as I can. Hope you’re gonna enjoy it. ❤

Bebae is a brand wich I’ve been keeping an eye on since the very begging. I tried every demo of every release but somehow I couldn’t make it work for me. They were pretty and intresting but still not mine and I’m not the one who tweak her shape to suit the skin. I waited patiently and newest release *Erin* won my heart.


Firstly maybe some facts. Erin goes in 3 skintones:  Cream, Cinna and Carmel. Not big choice but tones are well balanced and I think everyone will find something for yourself. Skins come in bunch options, but really there is a lot of them! Light and Dark brows and different make-up options gives you 4 options per one skin.


Big plus for making dark brow options darker on carmel skintone (darkest – first from the right on pic).  Let’s talk about body now and more details. The thing wich I really like on those skins is body and very good detailing. Collar bone, back, knees, breats – everything is well done and very realistic. Big YES!


Speaking of the details let’s go back to the face again. The face is something I couldn’t make mine most in previous releases but this time Erin catched my eye. Whole face looks mature but not old. Lips are a bit pouty but it doesn’t ruin the look. The thing I’m not sure about is the eyes. Texturing there is a bit blurry as same on lips. The whole face is stunner anyway.


Lips comes in creamy lipgloss, mostly pink however there is some nice redish (not shown on the picture). There is few colourish makeu-ups, shading is very nice but my favourite is perefct smoeky eyes (second from the right).  Nude make-up win it all (shown in skintones pictires). I’d like to admit that I’m not wearing here prim lashes [oh my! I’m bad], there are some really good one painted on skins.

There is few things I’d say should be improved (like textures on brows and eyes, maybe on lips) but *Erin* looks mature and beautifull and Tori Senne definetly won me by this release!

Check demos yourself @ Bebae MainStore!

❤ F.

Ps. Tomorrow My Ugly Dorothy review. Stay tunned!

Summery Surf co. skins!

Oh hai Pomme here!

This time I am bringing you news about some awesomely cute new skins! the Surf Couture Sun care skins!

Surf Co. has been one of my favorite shops in SL ever since I discovered it at the Artilleri sim and now I am so happy that Emma has decided to release skins!

Surf-co-skintonesThe skins are 100% handdrawn and kinda remind of the old Fashionably dead skins but they are still very unique and different. There are four skintones which are shown in the first picture, the skintones are called (left to right) Zinc Oxide, SPF 15, SPF 4 and Baby Oil. the cute thing is that the skintones are named after the kind of sunscreen you should use depending on what kind of skin you have :) Emma put a funny little notecard with the skins describing how to use these sunscreens


For each skin tone there are 8 makeups to choose from which differ from nudeish makeups to bright red lips and cat eye makeup. My favorite four makeups are called Haunted house, Gone surfing, Arcade and Boardwalk… but all the other makups options are fabulous too if you ask me hehe.

one thing that really caught my eye was how the lips were drawn. I know I always say how important lips are to me but thats because its really the first thing that I look at when buying skins! In the case of the Surf Co Sun Care skins Emma did a great job on the lips! When wearing your favorite Sun Care skin you can be sure that your lips will look juicy fresh and cute.

A second thing that I think is important for good skins are the eyebrows…
And again I have to say that the Surf Co. skins passed! Not too bushy not too thin in other words: just perfect!

Oh and before I forget to mention this tatadah!!! my favorite detail about these skins… the beautymarks 😀 there are two sweet little beautymarks under the left eye and one under the right eye. At first you probably wont see them but if you take a closer look at the face you can see how cute they are!

Emma didnt just paint the face with this much detail tho, the body of the skin is equally pretty! On the body you can see subtle shading and here and there another cute little beautymark!

The skin’s belly is smooth and soft with a nice little belly button that just made me want to tickle my avatar (I didnt ofcourse because that would make me look like a crazy person all tickling my computer screen and stuff >_>).


So… in conclusion I think its fair to say that if you want to feel like summer buying these skins would be a good start. the skins look great, theyre hand drawn and the makeups are some of the cutest around! so get your towel, inner tube, bucket and shovel, sunglasses and run to Surf Co. to get your suncare and you’ll be all ready for the beach!

❤ Pomme

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