*Beauty Avatar* – another fop ;)

I’ve been quet lazy during the last few days but I’m come back now and will bring you today few skins worht attention (I’m mean and piccy I know :P) .
Thise time it’s not new relase but those skins amazes me very much. Beauty Avatar has plenty of skins to choose in their great Main Store (where you can find also other great designs). Nemesis catched my eye and there are they!

The most lovely for me is the face but on body was done some good workt too. Body shading is very nice and very gentle. I adore that smooth on whole body:

There is plenty of make up but those showed down I like the most. The best thing in *BA* face is smoothnes (like I said before) and amazing glossy lips. My fav make-up is the number 06 (5 on the pic from the left)  – lovely yellow and oranges shading plus glossy and neutral lips, also number 13 (next to 06)  is worth of bigger attention for that extremly perfect cat eyes make up. Here are choosen make-ups and some focus on best details on the face:











Stay tunned and check out other *BA* skins!

Important infos:
Where: @ World of Beauty
Name: Nemesis
Options: 3 skin tones/ a lot !



2 Responses to “*Beauty Avatar* – another fop ;)”

  1. 1 Isara Beaumont August 27, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    I have bought Nemesis on a whim some time ago, but I almost never wear it. After some careful consideration why I don’t like it, I think the reason is that it has a very slight, hardly noticeable greenish hue which causes it to look not really very natural.

  2. 2 Huey August 9, 2014 at 10:48 am

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