Hi, there Erin…errm Flutter.

I’m back, I confess I’m lazy and tired but will be better now, I promise. First of all – tomorrow 3 reviews (little sneak peek: Belleza, Lion Skins and Dutch Touch for interested). Today I want to show skins wich catched my eye and my little skin lover heart. It’s not typicall review (because I know some others already have done that). Erin – new skins by Stephanie Misfit, talented designer behind La Sylphide. Erin (named after Dakota Buck if you haven’t read that yet) is combination of photosourcing and hand drawing, wich method suprize me more and more and won definetly my heart.

If you ask about facts (wich is quiet boring I know but shh I at least trying to pretend that i’m profesionall) there is two skin tones – light and tan, but not dark tan – very light and beautifull. You can choose your make-up from 32 options.
And now you have to forgive my really unprofesionallism – I do love that skin. I had quiet big skin crisis lately and was looking for new ‘main skin’ (yes, because I really need some) and tadaaah. It’s quiet different than my usuall. Dramatic look, light skin tone and totally mine lips – do I need add anything more? Here are my two favs faces (from left in light and tan skin tone):

I know that all skins desingers can hate me now but it’s official – it’s my new (love) main skin. And now go and check it yourself at new La Syphide Main Store @ Imogen.



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