Flutter by Minnu.

I think everyone, no matter how often is buying new skins has that only one skins wich feel “yourself” the most and always is coming back to excatly that one. I even if I’m skin…lover I have one skin like that and today I will confess – it’s from MMS. Now everytime when it’s about new release from Minnu I’m in the crowd waiting to the sim opening again. Thise time I didn’t wait long – it all tooks 3 days. And three days is nothing with comparing that how many new wonderfulness was released. Only one thing I didn’t feel well with MM Skins was that everyone has them. When I heard about 7 new variations I tought “Errm did I said my considers that loud?”. When I went check it out I fall in love, again.

At the begining I must say (and probably will say that more than once) – hat from heads. In that new release is everything I love in Minnu Palen’s skins and much more. Seven variatons of one face inspired by fashion capitals from whole wrold. Seven new unique looks, with different make-ups for every skin tone. Let me show you:

From the left: NewYorkLight m5, ParisPale m3, RomaSunKissed m4, TokyoPale m6, HongKongLight m3, HelsinkiPale m5, JohannesburgDark m1. No – i didn’t change my shape. see the differences? Every detail of face shading, noses, lips – stunning.. I’m especially impressed with Johannesburg, Tokyo and HongKong versions because everyone who tried to find good dark toned or asian skin in bunch of tan skins knows what I mean. Improved body shading, and details, bunch of new meake-ups – but it’s all about faces, isn’t it? You know me, I never can decide for only one skin – only one look. Thise time I did and even if I adore every new face it wasn’t very hard. It is love for the first sight. 
What is my face you ask? Helsinki, definetly.

I’m RL freckless so everytime I can I choose freckled skins, but it wasn’t the only reason. Helsinki skins have everything I adored in Minnu Palen’s skins, new stunning make- ups and those lips (as in rest of faces but I especially love them here) are just die for. Here 4 my favs make-ups (ok one is the base):

As skin reviewer I should be more objective but sorry thise time I just can’t *smiles*. From the left (pale tone):
– base: clear face, without make-up, little glossy lips, stunning fresh face,
– make-up 5: great light, golden eye make-up plus more glossy lips, almost invisible but amazing effect,
– make-up 4: just (so) perfect cat eyes. meow,
– make-up 6: romantic and a bit fierce make up, rose lips with great dark shading eye make-up wich makes eyes look even bigger.
Great photorealistic body (and face), stunning freckles and perfect, fashionable make-ups. My new love. Anyway – just go and check it yourself! You will find @ Glam World not only new skins but also eyes, hair, lashes and much more.

❤ F.


1 Response to “Flutter by Minnu.”

  1. 1 Sonya.A September 26, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    OMG you bought them all ?! anyway , that are fitting you perfeclty and yes , there are truly perfect , her best release ever ❤

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