The Dutch Touch

Hi, I’m Creamy and I am a skin addict!   There…I said’s all out in the open now!!

My main purpose here is to feature free or special offer skins skins as I am best known for my Free*Style blog.  Free skins are especially great for new players, those who are short of Lindens and those who want to try out a sample of a skin before purchasing from a store.  

I usually tailor-make my shapes for each individual skin, so my avatar may look different in each post, most of my shapes will be available in my Free*style store for free or 1L.

I may also feature some skins I have purchased, if Flutter and Pompelle haven’t planned to show the skin already.

If you are a skin designer, please feel free to drop me some demo’s of your skins and I will try them out, I will be delighted to buy them if I love them and will be happy show them on this blog.   If you do wish to send me a review of your skins, please do not be offended if I don’t feature it on !Skin! love!  I prefer to only show skins which are my style and would genuinely wear. 

If you wish to send me information on your skins on free or special offer, or demo’s of your new creations even if they are full priced, please send to MINI MAY (she’s my Alt who I will be using for this blog, she has a nice organised inventory).  Please put all your info/demo’s etc. in a folder named with your store name and with a notecard detailing the price – if it is free/1L/special offer – the length of time available at this price and a landmark to your store.

My favourite skins are those which are mostly hand-drawn with just a touch of photoreal, I feel slightly freaked out by skins which are too realistic facially but I think they look gorgeous on others, they just aren’t my style.   The most important parts of a skin to me are firstly a distinctive and often an unusual face, (it doesn’t even have to be classically beautiful, I’m a big fan of quirky and almost cartoon-like skins).  I’m very particular about my eyebrows and lip shapes, a well defined cleavage, collarbone, stomach, back, legs and bottom are also important to me.  I’m not so fussed about pubic hair/genitals, I don’t use my avatars for sexual reasons.

So enough about me, on to today’s free skin…

I was so excited yesterday when I received a notice from Dutch Touch subscribomatic group about the new skins releases, “DEbbY” in Café Noir and Cream Tone.  Iki sent out a gift for group members, a preview of the skin “DeBby Cream MU 18”.  I have always loved Iki’s skins but this one is up to a new level, it looks quite a bit different to her previous skins, the lips fuller and more glossy, the eyebrows softer, yes it has an all over softer look.  The eyemakeup on this skin has a slight green shade on the lower lid and a lighter grey on the upper lid, which creates a beautiful subtle look.

The upper body is well defined with a lovely, perfectly shaded cleavage and a toned tum.  
One of the things I noticed straight away when I first tried Dutch Touch  skins are the lovely toned legs and bottom. 
If you would like to try this skin, TP to Dutch Touch , touch the subscribomatic sign to join, touch it again and choose History, Option 1 (this may change if a new notice is sent out and it may be removed from the notices at any time)
Woohoo, finished my first post on Skin Love, I promise I won’t be so blabby next time and I will try to work out why my pics look a little blurry.  See ya next time Skin Luvva’s!
Other Items worn
Hair: W&Y (Group Gift in store)
Yashna Shape, Free*Style (1L)
Lingerie: Attitudes (0L)
Stilleto’s : Maitreya (0L)

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