Hi hi darlings
Its Pomme here to tell you about the new skins by Nykki Heartsdale for Lessthan3 tadaaaah the Unnamed skins!
The first thing you will probably notice when you have a look at these skins is that there are some funky makeups to choose from. My favorite is the “sixty-nine” makeup because of its original lip makeup as you can see for yourselves in the body detail piccie I made. The body is pretty pretty and has the shadows and details all in the right place and where they should be hehe.

Another thing that makes these skins so special to me is how cute it makes my face look, I know this is very subjective but 😀 I love my avi so much in these skins…
there are 3 skintones:
Pale, Light and Tan. My favorite skintone is the light one cus I dont want my skins to be too pale hehe.

there are 8 makeup choises and for the light skintone there are 2 special editions, pinkie and kyo. Pinkie is well… Pink and Kyo is like eehm… special? 🙂 dunno hehehe at least its cool ^^

[9:22] Pompelle Benoir: What is the thought behind the kyo special edition?
[9:22] Nykki Heartsdale: Kyo from Dir En Grey.
[9:22] Nykki Heartsdale: His unusual visual kei style makeups.
[9:23] Pompelle Benoir: Aah J-rock duh

So kids n cats go check these phat skins out at a lessthan3 shop near you!


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