Feel luxury – Fleur Allure

Think glamour. Think luxury. Think warm skintones, elegan and dramatic makeups. Now add to it Fleur. Yes they are finally here! New skin line by Roslin Petion Cj Carnot will be launched this Sunday.

Allure is something new for Fleur – it’s a hybrid. Combined photoscourced and hand-drawn in 6 new skin tones with mod brows and pubic panties, something what we all remember from clasicall Fleur skins. Pics unfotrunately don’t show every new and extremly realistic details on skins but just take a look – totally new body:

Also face has new character, however they still are combined in 3 versions makeups, for you to choose best shade. Allure offers bunch of new glamour – dramatic makeups (excatly 18), Let me introduce you one of them – Smudged:

New skintones – Alabaster, Carmel, Cinnamon, Ivory, Sable and Truffle are perfectly warm and natural. Truffle (second line in the middle) is perfect dark toned – plus for Fleur, another good dark toned skin!

The Allure skins will sell for 1200 a single, 3k for a 3 pack.  The release will include a total of 18 makeup looks in 6 new skin tones.

Allure Launch at the Fleur sim: 12 noon SLT, Sunday, October 19 – you don’t want to miss it !!


PS. On the pics you can see brand new lingrie/swimwear from Ornamental Life. As you could read few days ago our talented Shir Dryke decided re-brand her satelite store for Ornamental Boudoir – don’t miss opening and fashion show !


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