Obscenish obssesion.

As a huge fan of [the oBscene] I finally found propere time to take a view on them here. It’s another great (and big!) release by talented Kuja Akina I fell in love with. This time we’ve been spoilt by brand new line – with new body, face and skintones but still in uniqe and orginall obscene style. As I always feel more sexy (and naughty) in Kuja’s skins, my photograph of them is inspired by stunning campaigh of new Calvin Klein scent – Secret Obssesion with Eva Mendes (yes my RLove are perfumes, go figure).


Venus, Siren, Ganesha and Ciel – 4 divine new looks. Every with new smooth and soft bodies with yummies skin tones (like carmel <3). New face still has character we all adores from previous lines and of course cute mole but it’s been improved and has new, lovely glossy lips! There is plenty of artistic and modern makeups. Here are some of them (one from every “face”):


From the left: Venus in Diamond LAiLA , Siren in Amber NERiDA, Ciel in Amber LAVA, Ganesha in Diamond iNFERNO.
If you are new with Kuja Akina’s store you should definetly check it out, if you are old fan as me you should have them since few weeks, shame on you :P!

❤ F.


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