Preview: Bella by Belleza.

I usually do not preview reviewes because I think it’s quiet unfair (*cough*bitchy*cough*) but this time I hope you will forgive me [c’mon others have done that too]. In this Wednesday Belleza is going to release new female skins – Bella.

Bella is completly different than previous skins. New type of body and and new face. Body shading is more realistic now. Different is also whole skin “texture” – again we find schimmer and softness (new SLtrend, no :)?).  I especially heart tummy and back shades.

New face is a reall beautifulness. Nose is new and improved (in previous skins only thing I wasn’t sure was nose, quiet wide on upper part). Lips are extremly realistic and very orginall, truely die for (and kissable, duh). For speciall atenttion deserves eyebrowns, most realistic part (just after lips). Every detail is perfect on them. Bella will be avaible in 32 new makeups. Here are my favs:

In 32 options are not only daily makeups but also some perfect for upcoming holidays (berries and wines) and also cool “The morning after” versions. I hardly reccomend Bella for photorealistic skins lovers. You don’t want to miss it!

❤ F.


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