Little Announcement

As we are (finally) on the feed [big YAY] I decided to write few words. Probably you know us already but some changes arrived here.

Firstly you can request review here . Since weekly in SL is released more and more skins we sadly can’t review it all. If there is some skins you would like to see reviewed by us just leave comment on “Request review” page or drop me (Flutter Memel) notecard in-world.

Secondly: We are looking for reviewers! Due to numbers of skins wich are releasing atm in SL and specifics of skins we haven’t reviewed yet we are looking for following reviewers:

  1. We need a man! I know it sounds quiet naughty but our intentions are truely innocent *grins*. There is many great male skins and male readers of our blog but unfortunately I don’t really feel like I could review male skins. So guys if you like skins as much as we do and would like to join our !Skin Love! team pls contact me in-world (Flutter Memel) via notecard. I contact you ASAP with more details.
  2. Now girls something to you too 🙂 ! Due to RL and other SL respontibilities we cannot blog as much as we would want to here so we are looking for some skin addicted girl who would want to blog with us! Pls contact about more details with me (via notecard).

Ok end of boring post 🙂

❤ F.


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