What happen when you love too many skins – welcome Abra! *claps*

MiaSnow Lolli Bloody Pleasure 3
MiaSnow Lolli in Bloody Pleasure 3

MiaSnow Lolli Clown 2
MiaSnow’s Lolli in Clown 2

Hello, I’m Abra Exonar and I’m so happy to be writing for Skin Love. 🙂 I’ve been a big fan and faithful reader of Flutter & the girl’s writing since day one so I am thrilled to have to opportunity to write here. I also write for Better Imagined and Free*Style , in case you wondered.

For my first review, I was dying to write about MiaSnow ‘s new release Lolli. Lolli comes in 3 versions: Clown, Green & Bloody Pleasure. As with all of MiaSnow’s work, the skins are impeccably done, with a highly detailed face, interesting and beautiful makeup options and soft, feminine body. This line is gorgeous and a bit out there as well. It definitely extends past the norm of what one would consider beautiful and yet I think you will agree that they are. Each version comes with a more subdued makeup, so if you love the face and would like to wear it as a more everyday makeup, you do have that option.

MiaSnow Lolli Clown
Pictured above is the Clown version, in makeups 1-9. As the numbers get higher, you see the makeup get more and more interesting. I am especially excited about #9’s makeup since it matches Four Yip’s painting and I was badly wanting a skin with this design. 🙂

What strikes me most about the Clown version is that I do not like clowns at all! In fact, they scare me badly. But I suppose I have made an exception, because I really love these skins! Earlier in the week I made a look out of one of the Clown makeups and mentioned my fear of them in the post. MiaSnow responded that she also is afraid of clowns and after many requests, decided to make some makeups that were beautiful and didn’t creep her out. Haha. I think she has succeeded, since this is the first time in years that I haven’t been scared of them! I think this alone should interest many girls in trying the demo, to take a peek outside the box and experiment with their style.

MiaSnow Lolli Bloody Pleasure 4
MiaSnow’s Lolli in Bloody Pleasure 4

MiaSnow Lolli Green 12
MiaSnow’s Lolli in Green 12

MiaSnow Lolli Bloody Pleasure & Green
Here are the Bloody Pleasure (1-6) & Green (7-9) versions of Lolli. Again, you see the makeup progress from more ‘natural’ to extreme.

The Bloody Pleasure version of Lolli is soft and pretty starting at #1 and more interesting and even shocking as the makeups progress. I adore the carved ❤ design of #3 & #4 as I think we’ve all been there, heartbroken or ‘torn’ over love and this visually depicts it. I think my favorite ‘natural’ makeup out of the whole Lolli line is Bloody Pleasure #1. Oh those lips! They are glossy red and so ‘real’ I feel I could smudge their liner if I took a fingertip to the screen. Those softly flushed cheeks and light pink eye shadow! Dotted with freckles and bestowed with a lightly natural texture, they quietly shine. And the perfectly natural, perfectly cat-swooped eyeliner! I am a huge fan of cat-liner and I love the way it flatters a face. MiaSnow has mastered the look. It’s completely and totally wearable and lovable.

Lolli’s Green version is very cheeky and funny. When I think of green skin I think of aliens, mermaids and sea sickness, so I was unsure before I tried it on. I actually have a lot of fun when wearing this skin. Never would I have thought I’d have a need for green skin, nor would I think it’d be easy to wear, but after slipping it on I surprised myself. The makeup is so interesting and the body is so softly gorgeous that it makes one feel comfortable wearing it. I think that this skin has appeal for the fantasy crowd but even more so, the girl who has an interest in fashion and is confident enough to express herself uniquely.

MiaSnow Lolli Clown 1
MiaSnow’s Lolli in Clown 1

MiaSnow Lolli Back
MiaSnow’s Lolli from the back.

Lolli’s body details really impress me. The skin does not look at all oiled or sheeny nor is it completely matte, instead it is softly radiant with seamless highlighting and shading in all the right spots. The clavicle is delicately defined, the arms, legs and back have soft, rounded definition, the hip bones are sculpted without being boney, as is the ribcage and the belly button is cute as it should be. My favorite features on the Lolli body are the breasts which are soft and real, completely lacking the silicone boob cleavage look (thank you MiaSnow!) and the bum which is set low and so soft and pretty and round and girly. The bum that sold 1,000 skins. It really is that good.

Each fat pack of Lolli contains 4 modifiable shapes, 5 brows of various expressions and 7 nail colors which fit perfectly on Lolli’s hands. The skins are no copy/transferable, a unique permission for skins which allows photographers to lend their skins to models and one is able to share them with their friends.

I’m really excited to see MiaSnow’s line progress as I have been a fan since the day I came across her store. I think her work is essential as there aren’t enough shops which offer ‘alternative beauty’ makeups that are so beautiful, unique and real. Take a peek @ MiaSnow and become a fangirl for youself!

xo, Abra


3 Responses to “What happen when you love too many skins – welcome Abra! *claps*”

  1. 1 MiaSnow February 17, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    abra, wow. thank you for such a wonderful review! i am so glad you enjoy the skins^^ the green one has been surprisingly fun for me to wear as well… i didn’t expect it! but sometimes it’s awesome to feel other-worldly-girly. ah and i’m so glad you mentioned Four Yip’s painting http://www.flickr.com/photos/26414255@N06/3209711419/in/photostream/ it is a portrait she made based on my avie!!!! i was so thrilled 🙂 thanks again, ❤ xoxoxo

  2. 2 Trindolyn Beck February 17, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    MiaSnow Myriam is one of, if not THE most creative skin designers on SL. From cute to scary, she does it all and she insist on completely original textures in her work. I’m proud to know her.

  3. 3 Portia February 20, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    I am totally in love with MiaSnow’s skins.

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