Vintage spirit of beauty – PXL Creations Grace.

It’s been quiet hectic time for me that past few weeks and it seems next week won’t be better. But I’m using that Abra is away on vacay so you don’t have other choic to read mine (booring) skin reviews :P. I decided to focus on some newess so PXL, BeautyAvatar and Curio to come.

[PXL] Creations is back literally and Hart Larsson is spoilling us with new and new releases all the time. Somehow I never was paying enough attention to Hart’s skins, but mostly because I’m pale addicted and always his skintones was seem to be too dark for me. Oh, how wrong I was! After some tempting previews I decided to try newest release from [PXL] – beauty and a bit vintage spirit Grace.

Presenting by me Grace is in Natural skin tone but there are also releasing more skin tones.

Grace is classic beauty with a bit vintage spirit. Photorealistic and highly detailed body perfectly combined with characteristic and wonderfull face.


The body is prefect for me. Very natural collar bones, cleavage and tummym, light and nautarl schimerish, and really beautiful hands. On the picture. Skin comes in two options freckled and not (right-left on the pic).
Grace has 28 (!) makeups, they are mixes of 7 lips colours (Nude, Pale/glossy, rose, coffe, red, wine and Flamenco) and 4 eye makeups (Nude, cat, dark, smoke). All ‘faces’ comes in 3 borws options: blonde, brown (wich also works great for redheads) and black. Unfortunately SL was acting weird when I was snapping pics and I couldn’t photograph them all (belive me I wanted becaus I like them all) I bring you my 4 favourites:


From the left: CatEyes+CoffeeLips, CE+Rosa, DarkE+RedLips, Nude(best<3)

Skins comes in specific packs – all eyemakeups for 1 lip colour and all lip colours for one eyemakeup.
Grace will deffinetly stay one of my fav classicall beauty skins. Check out yourself at [PXL] MainStore .

❤ F.


2 Responses to “Vintage spirit of beauty – PXL Creations Grace.”

  1. 1 black high heel shoes June 14, 2009 at 11:40 am

    YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  1. 1 Grace Skin released… « PXL Creations Trackback on February 23, 2009 at 12:15 am

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