unless you’re some sort of sl-ascetic cave dweller you all are well aware of the gloriousness of miss kookie lemon’s shoemakery magic… equally breathtaking, and deserving of as much attention and affection, are her skins.

kookie’s latest work is nika, which comes in one mediumish tone. it’s all softness, from the ripe peach of a mouth down to the gentle curve of the booty:



there are 12 total face options. 6 are everyday eyemakeups; shown above is blue eyeshadow. 6 are tearstained faces; below is my personal favorite of all the nika line, smokey tears:


if you’ve never tried any of kookie’s skins, now is the perfect time. nika and her predecessor, champagne, are currently available half price (nika for 475L, and champagne for 250L), and the champagne line will be retired when the sale ends. champagne comes in two shimmery skintones, medium and light, and the makeups are some of the most creative you’ll ever see. shown here is 2-tone in champagne light:


useful information!
slurl to kookie’s main store
– hair: lamb
– lingerie: armidi, lovelace
– eyes: poetic color eyes


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