Spring Revolution – LeLutka

I think I don’t have to introduce you to that release but to do everything right – LeLutka released new and breathtaking makeups for one of most popular faces London. As a spring season is almost there all 48 combination is  fresh and youth. Everyone who knows me or sometimes check my flickr know I do wear London’s skin quiet often and now I feel totally spoiled with those makeups wich are something brand new and not often seeing in SL skins.

poster1Skins come in 6 skintones and 8 makeups each (with 3 eyebrows options).  All makeups, as I already said are fresh and light. Rose in blush and matt lips, lighten up T-zone and perfect work done on eyes  – add cute little freckles and such pretty face and you will get new LeLutka Beaute release. I really did photographed almost all of them but I chosed 3 from fair, pale, light and sunkissed tone to show you in my opinion best makeups and tendencies wich you can find in them. Let’s start with fair:

mfair FAIR From the left:

  • 2(b) yellow-blue combo perfect for spring, my type not only for colorfull seasonall clothing but also for ‘all black to go’ outfit (great contrast), very precise work on shading, especially on lower eyelid where blue perfect goes to white and lighten up inside eyecorner;
  • 5(b) – one of few natural makeups in fair tone, a bit brown+beige eyeshadow and perfect eyeliner looks classy and elegant without heavy look;
  • 1(b) – another natural makeup, a bit of beige shadow (almost unnoticed) with eyeliner (on upper eyelid a bit thicker) with white lighting up on lower eyelid to inside eyecorner, look wich actually goes with everything and is a bit ‘no-makeup’ thing;

mpale PALE From left to right, again:

  • 1(b) – something what was missing, purple eyemakeup! unfortunately on the picture it looks a bit less purple than it really is (and in advance I want to make clear – I see colours a bit different that others), great shading (smoky) with a bit of cat eyemakeup fierce;
  • 3(b) – classic french look, a bit redish lips with fierce cat eyemakeup on beige shadow, elegant and chic not only for little black dress but can perfect fit some vintage looks;
  • 5(b) – that one actually refer to 2 makeups from Revolution line wich are avaible in Le.Look butique, a bit shiner eyeshadow put on ‘carelessly’ around the eye in brown, looks natural and a bit ‘tired’ wich is a tendency in new London’s makeup about I tell more later. You can love it or hate it, I definetly say yes. Eveyrone has sometimes day when  looking  just tired but still pretty;

mlight LIGHT Left to right:

  • 5(b) – kind of more subtele verions of makeup 3 from pale tone with that difference there is no cat eyes, blush is here a bit more visable, again elegant look;
  • 1(b) – the same makeup as 5 in pale, only to show you tendence, however I prefer pale version wich a bit more natural;
  • 3(b) – simple eyeliner on upper eyelid with delicate almost natural shadow base, something simple and honestly I must admit something what I often wear myself in RL, just beautifull causal look;

msunk SUNKISSED Left-Right:

  • 1(b) – wonderfull exotic makeup, brings me on mind summer and with that tan tone is just perfect, shading on eyes is fantastic again;
  • 3(b) – as before I choosed something more colourfull again, I like how intense colours look on tan skintone, here green variation with also detailed shading;
  • 4(b) –  it’s just eyeliner and red lips again but I think it’s my favourite makeup on that skintone. Red lips came out perfect here (kissable);

Now I’d like to introduce you one more last makeup. It’s avaible in both light and pale tone (light 4 , pale 6) and it’s the most realistic makeup I’ve seen in SL. Some people may say no way – shading is too good. Actually it is perfect but it’s rather the thing how many times you tried do something like that. Extremly close snap to show you all details:


The whole collection is really some kind of revolution – it’s  something more casuall with lovely ending touches. On some makeups we can see eyebags wich make it even more real – tired look nicely hidden, again new SL trend ‘perfect in imperfections’ wich I like more and more. I love having extraordinary makeups but back to casuallity and something what we actually find often in RL is about time.

I am in love with London – I can say shamelessly – and I fall in love again.

Definetly check yourself!

❤ F.


5 Responses to “Spring Revolution – LeLutka”

  1. 1 Shir Dryke March 20, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    Wonderful! Drooling like a maniac here heh. I really like the idea of perfection in imperfection, often things and people really are perfect as they are, with faults and everything.

  2. 2 sabahoran March 20, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Maybe you see colours in a bit different way that others, but also can see much more datails than others! Fantastic review. Congrats 🙂

  3. 3 nilgiha March 20, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    ❤ you pictured them great .. and how perfect they look ..loved the post flutter 😀

  4. 4 Polina Kaestner March 20, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    I really love the way you don’t just review items like many others are , but you define every make up very well and we can really see how you feel about these skin , you really stand out in reviewing skins.

  5. 5 bitch mami August 1, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    fuck me

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