*Erin* from Bebae – Flutter is back!

I’m still alive and kicking! Well sort off. I’m trying get back to blogging after looong break. Sorry about quality of pics but my craptop is like about to die, I tried to make them as good as I can. Hope you’re gonna enjoy it. ❤

Bebae is a brand wich I’ve been keeping an eye on since the very begging. I tried every demo of every release but somehow I couldn’t make it work for me. They were pretty and intresting but still not mine and I’m not the one who tweak her shape to suit the skin. I waited patiently and newest release *Erin* won my heart.


Firstly maybe some facts. Erin goes in 3 skintones:  Cream, Cinna and Carmel. Not big choice but tones are well balanced and I think everyone will find something for yourself. Skins come in bunch options, but really there is a lot of them! Light and Dark brows and different make-up options gives you 4 options per one skin.


Big plus for making dark brow options darker on carmel skintone (darkest – first from the right on pic).  Let’s talk about body now and more details. The thing wich I really like on those skins is body and very good detailing. Collar bone, back, knees, breats – everything is well done and very realistic. Big YES!


Speaking of the details let’s go back to the face again. The face is something I couldn’t make mine most in previous releases but this time Erin catched my eye. Whole face looks mature but not old. Lips are a bit pouty but it doesn’t ruin the look. The thing I’m not sure about is the eyes. Texturing there is a bit blurry as same on lips. The whole face is stunner anyway.


Lips comes in creamy lipgloss, mostly pink however there is some nice redish (not shown on the picture). There is few colourish makeu-ups, shading is very nice but my favourite is perefct smoeky eyes (second from the right).  Nude make-up win it all (shown in skintones pictires). I’d like to admit that I’m not wearing here prim lashes [oh my! I’m bad], there are some really good one painted on skins.

There is few things I’d say should be improved (like textures on brows and eyes, maybe on lips) but *Erin* looks mature and beautifull and Tori Senne definetly won me by this release!

Check demos yourself @ Bebae MainStore!

❤ F.

Ps. Tomorrow My Ugly Dorothy review. Stay tunned!


1 Response to “*Erin* from Bebae – Flutter is back!”

  1. 1 Xanthe Audeburgh February 8, 2010 at 12:18 am

    Aww welcome back! I had wondered where you were hiding….Yeah I know what you mean by die-ing laptop..mine is on life support thanks to extended warranty. But it’s days are limited..sigh. Anyway, hope new lappy is on the horizon and looking forward to reading more of your skin critiques. Best, Xanthe x

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