Curio, continued.

Curio’s Beach in Bean Light Osprey 2

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here and it’s good to be back. I thought I’d start off by showcasing 4 of Gala Phoenix’s newest Curio faces. If you look here, Flutter did an amazing post leading up to now, showcasing all previous faces and if you haven’t read it yet, please do. Especially if you’re curious as to how Gala’s skins have evolved, most definitely if you would like to see the collection of faces available to you. For me personally, Gala’s skins are some of my favorite and absolutely some of the best on the grid. The quality is impeccable. The faces are beautiful, and also hold interest. The makeup choices are fantastic! As with all the skins in newest line, you get 12 makeup choices for each collection. That’s 6 makeup themes, each with a more subtle & more intense version of makeup. Each skin also comes in two tones, lighter & darker, as well as freckled and non-freckled versions.

This is why Gala’s skins are so loved. I can’t think of another line that so extensively considers the happiness of the customer. You have skin tones for all (including the newest, darkest shade, Bean, which I have showcased above), subtle makeups for those who like it more natural, creative & wild makeups for those who are daring, and freckles because they are durn cute. *sighs a happy sigh*

Since Flutter featured a good number of subtle makeups in the previous post (and one smashingly blue eye), I decided I would showcase some of Gala’s creatively wild makeups this time around. I don’t know about you, but I do love a unique makeup to add interest to a look. The key here is that the bizarre does not outweigh the beautiful, and Gala has struck the perfect balance between beautiful and unique. Even the most outlandish makeups in the collection are what I would call easily wearable. They’re just so beautiful, one cannot help but want to wear them.

Curio’s April in Petal Light Redbud 2

I will first start off with April, which has been a huge hit with most everyone who has slipped it on. This has to do with the fact that April is ultra, ultra flattering, with a cute, button nose and pouty rosebud lips. It’s really hard to find a shape that is not flattered by this skin, if you can find one at all. This is most definitely what I would classify as a younger looking skin, with it’s plump and rounded features, although I wouldn’t call it kiddish. It’s young and also womanly, all at once. And if the face doesn’t convince you of that, then the body, with all it’s subtly shaded, slightly dewy brilliance, most certainly will.

Curio’s June in Moonbeam Light Calla Lily 2

Next we have June, which turned out to be my personal favorite. I would describe June as April’s older sister. The lips are still plump, and the nose is still rounded, but just the smallest bit less on both. Instead of having a nose with a width that is quite the same from top to tip, you have one which has a skinnier bridge and a wider tip. This to me, is still very beautiful, but a little more mature, and on some faces, it could be quirkily cute. The body is still brilliant, with it’s beautiful dewy sheen and soft shading.

Curio’s Pin Up in Moonbeam Dark Jitterbug 2

Pin Up is next and I’d like to talk a little bit about, what I would call, the innovation here. For me, Pin Up would not be my everyday default skin, though I have seen it as that on a few girls and it works brilliantly. What I love about this particular face is the artful thought that’s put into it. The face has intentionally been given a ‘powdered look’ just as you get in old Hollywood photos (sometimes new Hollywood photos too, although those lack that certain old time innocence/grace. ;). This skin is indeed grace-filled and very sexy. The makeups are more opaque, especially the lips, and the eye liner is thicker, blacker and more winged. I really appreciate that Gala would take the time to make a really well done, vintage inspired skin. There are many different types of style out there, but one thing is for certain, regardless of what one considers is ‘their look,’ the mainstay concern on everyone’s mind is finding that well made item that will help them express their personal style. When I find themed/speciality items out there, that have had just as much thought put into them as ‘mainstream’ items, I am so grateful, since this is what one would call ‘going the extra mile.’ And we all know there is a lot of room in that crowd!

Curio’s Beach in Moonbeam Light Coral 2

The fourth skin I’m showcasing here is the newest face, Beach, if April could be called ‘adorable’, June ‘sophisticated’ and Pin Up ‘sexy’, I’d call Beach ‘fresh.’ The face on Beach is softer, think along the lines of the previously reviewed Breeze, and the brows are more ‘spirited,’ a touch sunbleached and a little less refined for those summer days. The makeups on Beach are vibrant and sheer, inspired by coral, sea foam, surf and even crude oil! The finish on Beach’s face is creamier than on the previous skins, and is most noticeable on the non-freckled versions. I really, really love this texture as it looks like skin (not completely smooth like hand drawn, but not as textured as source-inspired skin), but the softest kind. Like one was raised eating only peaches and cream and then just moisturized their whole self with a $1,000 jar of Creme de la Mer.

Whichever face you choose in this line, it’s sure to be a winner. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Gala simply cannot do us wrong, her skins are stunning A+++.

xo, Abra

Curio’s Beach in Bean Light Osprey 2

I opened with Bean, and I will close with a body shot of it. ❤


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  1. 1 Michelle September 25, 2009 at 8:08 am

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this review! I am literally about to check these out right nowww ♥ xoxo

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