Skins/Shapes Fair – Flutter’s picks.

I’m back after longer hiatus again. RL was keeping me busy but I finally found some time to chill out and of course I visited Skins/Shapes Fair. I haven’t bought bunch of skins as you could expect from me – I limited myself only to 3 skins wich I’d like to show you today. Please mind that they’re my personal choices and on the Fair you can find many many of beautiful skins wich can steal your hearts!

Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena


Mochi Milena presented her second skin on this Fair and I must say I can see giant progress. I liked her first skins but same as some fellow blogger Esme Milena I couldn’t get it work for me. I was keep hoping that next one will work for me.  Skye won my heart since first demo trying and I knew I’m gonna stick with that skin for longer time. Whole look is very cute as all Pink Fuel’s items. I had quiet hard time while choosing the makeup because they are all pretty and well-done. I’m definetly going back for more. The skin show above is in Milk (lightest) tone and Beestung makeup. The best on the skin are lips of course – to die for. Perfectly lipglossed – I can almost feel tatse of the lipgloss. You get 8 skins in the folder – light and dark brows with and without freckles/hairbase each. Big plus from me for hairbase – I rediscovering buns inSL and they look on me much better with hairbases.
Visit Pink Fuel @ the Fair. Single skin – 900L$*

Rockberry by Heather Beebe


Farrah from Rockberry is for me hottest skin I’ve lately tried. I get used to cute and sweet looks created by Heather but Farrah is 100% different. Only two words can describe what I feel about it – smoky hot! It gave me maybe a bit cold but sexy look. I say yes, yes, YES! Here also shown in lightest tone – light, makeup I. You get two skin in the folder (shaved/non shaved option) and here surprise – tintable lips. Something what we already could enjoy in previous Uma skin and something what I really appreciate.
Visit Rockberry @ the Fair. Single skin – (!) 275L$ (!)*.

And at least but not last…

Tuli by Tuli Asturias


Bella is here! It’s reason I’ve been trying to get to the Fair on Saturdy almost whole day. When Tuli sent demos on Friday to her group with shakin’ hands I unpacked box and tried on. I was speechless. I was waiting impatiently to try this skin since Tuli was teasing us with picture on plurk/her blog. I think I reached my skin nirvana (at least for some time). Tuli did much more photosourcing here and did it great. Bella has perfect freckles and brows, lips are gorgoeus and has pretty beautymark. Skin has usuall Tuli spirit but looks slightly different from previous ones. It’s official, I’m in love. Skin comes in few different skintones, wich are rather dark for my taste (even pale, shown above) and in few unique makeups options.
Visit Tuli @ the Fair. Single skin – 1000L$ (worth every linden!)*.

See you soon and I hope you enjoy!

❤ F.

*I usually don’t put prices on the blog but since it’s special even I’d like to know how much I need for the visit there 😉

Ps. Tomorrow more reviews and some news!

Ps.2. Forgive me some typos and not very good grammar but I’m not feeling well today and I was determined to bring you some new post.

1 Response to “Skins/Shapes Fair – Flutter’s picks.”

  1. 1 corduroyshop September 28, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    lately i’ve kind of fallen in love with tuli as well ❤

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