Inner sexy secretary – *new* Imagen skin.

Skin&Shape Expo is now over but some of the delicious skins are now in Mainstores. Today I’d like to talk about new and wonderfull skins from Imagen. I’ve already blogged that brand back in February (here). Rack Brautigan very nicely mixes hand drawnings with photosourced pieces. Her based on Eloh’s templates are uniqe and orignal.

Miss Rack brought us some fresh and new faces on Skin&Shape Expo (and now they’re avaible in her store). Two brand new and one updated  faces amazes with cutness and simplicity. Well balanced and shaded body (much more detailed this time and softer I think) works great with fresh and young looking faces. This time I decided to do something a bit different than my usuall posts. I’d like to focus on one makeup – Rita.

imagens Irene 2.0 Rita in Este (tone)

Rita is a combination of well-done eyeliner and juicy red lips. It’s quiet popular mix but made by Rack has own character and gives sexy touch on rather girl-next-door looking skins. Below from left to right Rita makeup on: Irene 2.o , Mira and Niu.


Irene 2.0 – that freckled beauty is updated version of Irene (wich i blogged in my first post about Imagen). The skin is avaible in Este tone and also additional in 3 more makeups (Natural, Cielo, Nocte).

Mira – fawless skin and young  face. I love delicate beautymarks on the face. Skin is offered in 4 skintones – Este, Norte, Oeste and Sur. Like previous one you can get it in 4 makeups.

Niu is exotic beauty and totally won my heart. I couldn’t decide wich I like more (oh those freckles on Irene!) but asap I put this on I knew. I notice here a bit more photosourced elements on face but they are well balanced. I also love the texture on the skin . Skin has really uniqe character. Comes only in one tone Oeste (showed above) and as previous skins in 4 makeups.

Again Imagen skins catched my eye and surely I will be coming back to them. I hope we will see some more makeups soon!

Visit Imagen Mainstore and check it yourself!

❤ Flutter Memel

1 Response to “Inner sexy secretary – *new* Imagen skin.”

  1. 1 scarlet October 19, 2009 at 12:59 am

    lovely skins , im runing away 4 them ^^ ,and btw in what place do u buy this lingerie? it looks awesome . well ty and have a nice day!

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