My (not so) Ugly Dorothy.

This is a long overdue review but I still enjoy skin the same. It’s not newest face by Sopha McCallen but I think it’s still my favourite one.

As probably many of you I discovered My Ugly Dorothy in thanks to Anya Ohmai and her wonderfull blog. Innocent girlish face and lovely creamy and soft body catched my eye immediately! Quiet hectic RL and SL made to only add surl to category “to check” and I finally found my way to that lovely store in July.

I tried few already released faces on but my then newly released Jin totally won me! I was overloaded with cuteness and biggest impression then and  made the lips.


As I meationed before the body itself is very soft but nicely detailed at the same time. Skin texture has that lovely schimmer and creamy touch I adore in skins so much. Tummy is one of my fav I’ve seen in SL, I also like collar bone and hands wich are perfect in my opinion. Back details are a bit too “heavy” for my taste but still well-done.


Whole face is very innocent looking. Lovely lips are not only thins I like on that face. Brows are very different comparing to other skins in SL. The thing I love truely after second sight and would love to stare at over and over again is nose. Usually I’m lips obssesed but the nose is small and perfectly rounded.  Jin comes in 24 makeups options. Each makeup comes in plain version and beautymark version. They suits skisn well, are simple and girlish. The thing I love is texture on blush. Lashes are drawn on the skin, wich I don’t quiet like as they are not very my style.


This lovely combo (elements of hand-drawning and photosourcing) is great for someone who is looking for less mature look and something cute at the same time.  Just for the record – they are very affordable.

Check them ourself @ MyUglyDorothy Mainstore.

❤ Flutter Memel


1 Response to “My (not so) Ugly Dorothy.”

  1. 1 andrea January 29, 2010 at 11:46 am

    someone would please tell me where to find UGLY DOROTHY skin ?

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