[LeLutka] Eclat

Long awaited new LeLutka’s skin line is finally out (release on October 10th) and Minnu did it again. Surprised everyone. Eclat is slightly different from her previous lines, something new for sure but still we can see her touch on it. There was a litle bit of controversy of course, everyone has their own opinion, wich makes that release even more intresting. I admit that I have some kind of weakness for LeLutka’s skins and of course I will not hide that I sometimes may be a bit too sweet saying about those skins but this time as everytime I’ll try to give some contructive opinion. At the begingin I should say – I like them. There were some voices that skins are bad, brows are too thick or it’s just not pretty. I like them and I don’t think they’re bad however as a skin-fan I see some details that could be better or fixed but still I do like them. Let’s start with body then. It’s definetly much more detailed this time. It looks more realistic because of that to me. We can se more shading and bit of new elements added (now I have in mind details around hips area). Also new is a bit of shiny here and there (for example breats, back, legs). The shine is nicely applied on the body and even if I’m big fan of matt I like it. So,  first big plus goes for great detailed body. bodydetails Since we are still speaking of body let’s talk about skintones. Eclat skins comes in usuall LeLutka skintones however I noticed little difference this time. They are richer but unfortunately this time taned skintones are a bit too much orange for me. I can’t really tell much about tan myself because I never felt good in it but I think less orange tone would work better for many of you. Of course big big plus is that this time Eclat offers freckled version! I know that few freckles-fans out there would sey “Hey, they are only on face! What about body?” but still I’m thankfull for that option and amount of freckles is right for the character of skin. For more freckless we will have to wait, maybe LeLutka someday offer some skin dedicated for redheads? Ok, back to subject, freckles are neat and again my choice are 1st 2 skintones (Fair and Pale), howevr I must admit I like freckles more on darker toner (oh irony!). From left to right – Fair, Pale, Light,  Sunkissed, Suntan). 4080314375_06de2113e4_b I agree and disagree with opinion that skin doesn’t match the body. It’s only half-true because when we take a look on the profile, especially on temple it does match the neck and lower body. The reason for that impression is lighting up on face with a bit of shimmer. I think it’s a try to continue effect from body (summer shimmerish) but it made a bit mess on face. I’m not huge fan of that so little minus for that, forunate enough on fair (my favourite tone so far) is not that visable. 4080264599_bc8dfb73d7_b On the picture above you can also see another new option – hairbase. LeLutka offers only 2 hairbases: blonde and dark. I like hairbase/hairline mostly only when I wear buns and they work nice too. They are photorealistic of course and matches to LeLutka’s hair textures. I usually wear non-hairbase options but it’s nice difference. Little minus again for only 2 colour options (what about our lovely redheads?). Now something what interes us (or at least me) most – face. Face is definetly different. It has character. Nose is a bit bigger in my opinion and more rounded however still works best on thin noses (typicall for LL’s skin, right?). The thing what is screaming on that face are brows. Oh hai Sasha Pivovarova’s and MK Olsen’s brows! The lips has usually shape, are big and a bit pouty, in some makeups they look like need good lipbalm and it’s something what I don’t really like. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph all makeups in skintones wich I showed above but as usuallly I choosed my favourite ones. Of course I made little descriptions about them with some connections to RL trends. Fair:

4081019000_2e6247fbd2_oFrom left to right:

*1(darkbrows) – I choosed it mostly because of lovely combination of eyeshadows, it goes in almost every tone in different combination. *2(darkbrows) – it reminds me a bit of Twiggy makeup and it definetly connect to so popular trend of double liner (Gaultier, Erdem) *6(darkbows) – one of my favourite trends in makeups this year, neutral and almost invisable eye makeup and matte colour on lips, here is orange; (there is also version with pink lips but with a bit different eyes) Pale:

4081041670_271e679228_oFrom left to right:

*  – that is definetly my favourite trend in makeup this year: duo colour of green pea and pink * – neutral  and casual makeup (something simillar to my favourite makeup from london revolution line) * – and of course strong cat liner plus red lips – timeless makeup. Light:

4080268849_e12cea281d_oFrom left to rigth:

* very light and pure, I wish too see it in fair tone;
* cateye liner and pale matte lips, great combination however liner need a bit of smoothness in my taste;
* last one – black lips, I know most of you think about Lady Gaga seeing this but it reminds me first about this;

Now, again. Check it yourself! I’d love to hear your opinion 🙂

❤ Flutter M.

Ps. Tomorrow SkinFair post round 1 :)! Stay tunned!

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