|SkinFair favourites| p.1. PXL July.

SkinFair is running for over a week now and finally I found proper amount of time to tell you something about that from my side. I decided to show you first few of my favourites skins from the fair and then to quick round and talk something about brand new (to me) stores I discovered there.  Today ‘favourites’ part 1!

Mr Larsson worked hard lately and brought us brand new skin line to the fair. July skin is in the style we all know and love in PXL but at the same time so different. I blogged about Grace line back in February and I was beta tester of Kim in summer so I can easly see all improvement in newest skin line but so will you, belive me!

The thing that totally won me for this skin is complete flawless of the skin and perfection in every little detail. Let’s start from some obvious facts. July comes in 3 skintones so far ( Sunkissed, LightTan and Natural; from left to right), in 2 cleavage options, and freckled and non-freckled version :

The smoothness is even better this time and works perfectly with rich details and shading about wich I’d like to tell you about now. As I said before skin is flawless but the details are something what makes that skin so special. Shading is well-ballanced and deep. My favourite part (favourite details) is torso. Hart added some beauty marks wich gave some special character. I made little collage with some closeup of my favourite parts. Take a look at that perfect stomach and pelvis shading.I hate telling that but pictures speak for themselfs!

July’s face seems to me more realistic and yet again perfect in every detail. Of course there is plenty of options if it’s about makeup. As usually Mr Larsson offers mix of Nude, Cat, Smoky and Dark eyes with Nude, Pale, Coffee, Pink, Rose, Red, Passion, Wine lips wiht or without freckless. There is something new this time – Spring makeups, lovely pastel colours (blue, green etc) mixed with classic lips options. Here is few of my favourites:

From left to right: NAT (skintone) ne nude deb f, ne passion meb, ne rose meb (my favourite, can go absolutely with every look), se pale meb f, springpale meb.

And some little detail for the end – I’ve heard lately that I should smile more, so I tried to make my more ‘sexy’ and ‘lovely’ smile and I noticed that teeth in July skins are just lovely (I don’t pay much attention for that detail usually and so it was accidentally this time).

PXL July

If you don’t know PXL skins yet or you haven’t check new line yet you should definetly go and pick up some demos. If you’re afraid of lag on SkinFair you can also try July line in PXL mainstore.

Ps. Click on pictures to see them in normal size.


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