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!Skin Love! is looking for contributors! *again*

Yes! We do!

!Skin Love! blog has over a year now (I totally forgot about *anniversary* on August 4th, I admit). I didn’t put enough effort or time to this blog, but first year of university consumed most of my supposedly free time. I’d like to change that, because I think this blog deserves more care and work – and from what I hear a lot of people here would like to see our posts more often.

So, here I am again – I’m looking for reviewers – ladies and gentlemen! Just like the first time please do some sample review (on demos) with pictures and send it to Deadline:  August 22th.

Go now 🙂 !

Flutter Memel


*Erin* from Bebae – Flutter is back!

I’m still alive and kicking! Well sort off. I’m trying get back to blogging after looong break. Sorry about quality of pics but my craptop is like about to die, I tried to make them as good as I can. Hope you’re gonna enjoy it. ❤

Bebae is a brand wich I’ve been keeping an eye on since the very begging. I tried every demo of every release but somehow I couldn’t make it work for me. They were pretty and intresting but still not mine and I’m not the one who tweak her shape to suit the skin. I waited patiently and newest release *Erin* won my heart.


Firstly maybe some facts. Erin goes in 3 skintones:  Cream, Cinna and Carmel. Not big choice but tones are well balanced and I think everyone will find something for yourself. Skins come in bunch options, but really there is a lot of them! Light and Dark brows and different make-up options gives you 4 options per one skin.


Big plus for making dark brow options darker on carmel skintone (darkest – first from the right on pic).  Let’s talk about body now and more details. The thing wich I really like on those skins is body and very good detailing. Collar bone, back, knees, breats – everything is well done and very realistic. Big YES!


Speaking of the details let’s go back to the face again. The face is something I couldn’t make mine most in previous releases but this time Erin catched my eye. Whole face looks mature but not old. Lips are a bit pouty but it doesn’t ruin the look. The thing I’m not sure about is the eyes. Texturing there is a bit blurry as same on lips. The whole face is stunner anyway.


Lips comes in creamy lipgloss, mostly pink however there is some nice redish (not shown on the picture). There is few colourish makeu-ups, shading is very nice but my favourite is perefct smoeky eyes (second from the right).  Nude make-up win it all (shown in skintones pictires). I’d like to admit that I’m not wearing here prim lashes [oh my! I’m bad], there are some really good one painted on skins.

There is few things I’d say should be improved (like textures on brows and eyes, maybe on lips) but *Erin* looks mature and beautifull and Tori Senne definetly won me by this release!

Check demos yourself @ Bebae MainStore!

❤ F.

Ps. Tomorrow My Ugly Dorothy review. Stay tunned!

Summery Surf co. skins!

Oh hai Pomme here!

This time I am bringing you news about some awesomely cute new skins! the Surf Couture Sun care skins!

Surf Co. has been one of my favorite shops in SL ever since I discovered it at the Artilleri sim and now I am so happy that Emma has decided to release skins!

Surf-co-skintonesThe skins are 100% handdrawn and kinda remind of the old Fashionably dead skins but they are still very unique and different. There are four skintones which are shown in the first picture, the skintones are called (left to right) Zinc Oxide, SPF 15, SPF 4 and Baby Oil. the cute thing is that the skintones are named after the kind of sunscreen you should use depending on what kind of skin you have :) Emma put a funny little notecard with the skins describing how to use these sunscreens


For each skin tone there are 8 makeups to choose from which differ from nudeish makeups to bright red lips and cat eye makeup. My favorite four makeups are called Haunted house, Gone surfing, Arcade and Boardwalk… but all the other makups options are fabulous too if you ask me hehe.

one thing that really caught my eye was how the lips were drawn. I know I always say how important lips are to me but thats because its really the first thing that I look at when buying skins! In the case of the Surf Co Sun Care skins Emma did a great job on the lips! When wearing your favorite Sun Care skin you can be sure that your lips will look juicy fresh and cute.

A second thing that I think is important for good skins are the eyebrows…
And again I have to say that the Surf Co. skins passed! Not too bushy not too thin in other words: just perfect!

Oh and before I forget to mention this tatadah!!! my favorite detail about these skins… the beautymarks 😀 there are two sweet little beautymarks under the left eye and one under the right eye. At first you probably wont see them but if you take a closer look at the face you can see how cute they are!

Emma didnt just paint the face with this much detail tho, the body of the skin is equally pretty! On the body you can see subtle shading and here and there another cute little beautymark!

The skin’s belly is smooth and soft with a nice little belly button that just made me want to tickle my avatar (I didnt ofcourse because that would make me look like a crazy person all tickling my computer screen and stuff >_>).


So… in conclusion I think its fair to say that if you want to feel like summer buying these skins would be a good start. the skins look great, theyre hand drawn and the makeups are some of the cutest around! so get your towel, inner tube, bucket and shovel, sunglasses and run to Surf Co. to get your suncare and you’ll be all ready for the beach!

❤ Pomme

Spring Revolution – LeLutka

I think I don’t have to introduce you to that release but to do everything right – LeLutka released new and breathtaking makeups for one of most popular faces London. As a spring season is almost there all 48 combination is  fresh and youth. Everyone who knows me or sometimes check my flickr know I do wear London’s skin quiet often and now I feel totally spoiled with those makeups wich are something brand new and not often seeing in SL skins.

poster1Skins come in 6 skintones and 8 makeups each (with 3 eyebrows options).  All makeups, as I already said are fresh and light. Rose in blush and matt lips, lighten up T-zone and perfect work done on eyes  – add cute little freckles and such pretty face and you will get new LeLutka Beaute release. I really did photographed almost all of them but I chosed 3 from fair, pale, light and sunkissed tone to show you in my opinion best makeups and tendencies wich you can find in them. Let’s start with fair:

mfair FAIR From the left:

  • 2(b) yellow-blue combo perfect for spring, my type not only for colorfull seasonall clothing but also for ‘all black to go’ outfit (great contrast), very precise work on shading, especially on lower eyelid where blue perfect goes to white and lighten up inside eyecorner;
  • 5(b) – one of few natural makeups in fair tone, a bit brown+beige eyeshadow and perfect eyeliner looks classy and elegant without heavy look;
  • 1(b) – another natural makeup, a bit of beige shadow (almost unnoticed) with eyeliner (on upper eyelid a bit thicker) with white lighting up on lower eyelid to inside eyecorner, look wich actually goes with everything and is a bit ‘no-makeup’ thing;

mpale PALE From left to right, again:

  • 1(b) – something what was missing, purple eyemakeup! unfortunately on the picture it looks a bit less purple than it really is (and in advance I want to make clear – I see colours a bit different that others), great shading (smoky) with a bit of cat eyemakeup fierce;
  • 3(b) – classic french look, a bit redish lips with fierce cat eyemakeup on beige shadow, elegant and chic not only for little black dress but can perfect fit some vintage looks;
  • 5(b) – that one actually refer to 2 makeups from Revolution line wich are avaible in Le.Look butique, a bit shiner eyeshadow put on ‘carelessly’ around the eye in brown, looks natural and a bit ‘tired’ wich is a tendency in new London’s makeup about I tell more later. You can love it or hate it, I definetly say yes. Eveyrone has sometimes day when  looking  just tired but still pretty;

mlight LIGHT Left to right:

  • 5(b) – kind of more subtele verions of makeup 3 from pale tone with that difference there is no cat eyes, blush is here a bit more visable, again elegant look;
  • 1(b) – the same makeup as 5 in pale, only to show you tendence, however I prefer pale version wich a bit more natural;
  • 3(b) – simple eyeliner on upper eyelid with delicate almost natural shadow base, something simple and honestly I must admit something what I often wear myself in RL, just beautifull causal look;

msunk SUNKISSED Left-Right:

  • 1(b) – wonderfull exotic makeup, brings me on mind summer and with that tan tone is just perfect, shading on eyes is fantastic again;
  • 3(b) – as before I choosed something more colourfull again, I like how intense colours look on tan skintone, here green variation with also detailed shading;
  • 4(b) –  it’s just eyeliner and red lips again but I think it’s my favourite makeup on that skintone. Red lips came out perfect here (kissable);

Now I’d like to introduce you one more last makeup. It’s avaible in both light and pale tone (light 4 , pale 6) and it’s the most realistic makeup I’ve seen in SL. Some people may say no way – shading is too good. Actually it is perfect but it’s rather the thing how many times you tried do something like that. Extremly close snap to show you all details:


The whole collection is really some kind of revolution – it’s  something more casuall with lovely ending touches. On some makeups we can see eyebags wich make it even more real – tired look nicely hidden, again new SL trend ‘perfect in imperfections’ wich I like more and more. I love having extraordinary makeups but back to casuallity and something what we actually find often in RL is about time.

I am in love with London – I can say shamelessly – and I fall in love again.

Definetly check yourself!

❤ F.

Skins Evolution: Gala Phoenix

I’m late… and in adance sorry for some grammar mistakes or typos but in storm of emotions and due to such long time wich passed since I wrote something that long in english it’s best I can do.

Honestly I was  trying to write that review since two weeks. After reading such well-done review by Dove Swanson I asked myself – do I really have something more to say to have reason to bore you with another Curio’s new release review? I think (or rather I hope) I do, actually.
Unfortunatly I dont own any of ‘old’ Gala’s but I do own generation with wich she present on Skin Fair last year and next makeups. I must admit I had totally different vision of this post at the begining. I decided to try show you Evolution of Gala Phoenix’s skins – starting from amazing ‘second debut’ (at least for me) till now with brand 3 new (and now actually 4, she released beauty Sunny today) faces with brand new body. Fans of Curio skins always admire that ‘shine’ on skins and subtle body shading and details. It’s still there but in sligthly new look and expressivness.
Let’s start with the face – for most of us the most important part of the skin. To show excatly how Gala’s face evolutioned I decided to put together 6 ‘faces’:

Begining from the left first three are ‘old’ Gala’s and next are new – Breeze, Lovely and Vixen. All old Gala’s are shown in the same skintone (opaline), and they suppouse to be the same ‘face’, however we can see differences.The first one is ‘Dew’ almost pure and very delicate, this makeup was released as first with many others. Next released ‘Nocturnal’ was released while Curio sim opening. It’s a bit lighter than previous ones and lighting is more distinct (especially nose area). Next one is Prune, one of 4 Holiday’s releases – even more visiable difference in lighting and a bit darker shadows. I think at this step we can see announcement for new techniques and look of Gala’s skins. Body didn’t change much but face did and it was a little signs of what’s to come.
And here we are – brand new ‘Vibrant‘ line is released and Gala is on two levels higher (bravo!). Breeze, Lovely and Vixen won hearts of Gala’s fan and brings much more new ones.
Three new faces with one completly new body.  Fans of wonderfull ‘shine’ won’t be dissapointed because it’s still here with even more intensity. However I’m a bit dissapointed myself a bit – shine stayed but also I notice a bit of ‘body oil’. We can excuse it that summer is closer with big steps but I think it’d rather become new SL skins trend, from now one it’s now on it’s not only identiciation of Redgrave skins but in a bit lighter and subtle version many newly released skins too. I miss ‘old and first’ Gala’s shine with a bit smoothness and mat impression, but we can’t have everything, right? With new ‘shine’ new skins brought a bit more realistic and detailed body shading (since I didn’t go nude and showed every little detail I reccomend to check Dove’s review where she is perfectly showing EVERYTHING including butthole *winks to Dove*):
We read in Dove’s review (I know it’s like third time I refer to someone’s review but it really inspired me to show ‘evolution of skin’) that new Vibrant skins are perfect in their imperfections. I wouldn’t say that but it’s deffinetly thing of your personall preferences BUT I must admit it’s very interesting effect. Since we are rounded by perfectly shaded and detailed skin it would be nice finally has something wich a bit more reflect RL and make it all more real.
The body is the same but faces are completly different. Few basic facts: skins come in 4 skintones – Acorn, Sundust, Petal and Moonbeam BUT all makeups options (6 in every skin with 2 options for lips colour) comes in Light and Dark version wich give kind of eight tones.  I can’t really choose my favourite because I like something in every single one:
*Breeze – here shown in Petal [Light] Robin’s Egg 1. What I noticed first was brows wich remind me a lot of old ones, then lips – perfectly rounded and full with few stunning lighting and shading imperfections, wich actually make it all more real. Lovely freckles perfectly fit whole look.
*Lovely – shown in Sundust [Dark] Pure 1. Face is more matt, chin visable rounded and lips a bit smaller. Breeze looks quiet happy but Lovely’s brows and a bit lip’s cornes moved down make it more melancholy and sad looked. I actually look lie crying but as little drama queen I love it.
*Vixen – shown in Moonbeam [Dark] Mink 1. A bit glammy and sad look, smaller nose and perfect glossy lips make me feel most ‘myself’ Face is more fierce and glamour.
I’d like to admit that on pictures I do not wear any prim lashes, they are painted on skin (and here another connexion to old Gala’s where in last two release we got painted lashes).
To not bore you to death I suum up – I was big fan on Skin Fair Gala Phoenix release and I think I am still her fan now. I don’t quiet like new ‘shine’ or few highly detailed elements but looking on all steps we could observe in her skins evolution I am impressed with what Gala spoiled us in new (giant) release. I definetly do reccomend you all to try them if you haven’t already and I’m a bit speechless when I try to imagine with what she surpize us next.

❤ F.

After rough and hectic RL weeks I’m kinda back to blogging to show you latest godies (better late than never righ ;)? ).

Today something for Beauty Avatar fans. On February 20. *BA* brought us two new faces – Alexia and Thabita.


Everyone who knows products of *BA and likes a bit of glamour spirit won’t be dissapointed this time either. Skins has very light glow and illusion of a bit oil – good idea for upcoming spirng and summer weather. Also skintones bring on mind summer days – Alexia is avaible in Light and Thabita in Natural.Something what I really like on those skins is very natural shading and perfect collar bone. The only minus in my opinion are knees, foots and hands wich I would make a bit more natural and light, also with a bit darker nails. Although in whole body looks its not very big thing.


But the whole thing is about face, right? On the pic two choosen Thabita makeups and one Alexia (from left to right).Thabita is avaible in 10 makeups and Alexia in 11. Prfect glossy lips (especially in plum or cherry colour) with glam eyemakeups. Both faces has very nice rounded nose and chin. Two bascis differences are mouth and brows. I definetly prefer Thabita’s mouth, more full and sensual. Alexia has very characteristic lips with big upper lip. Corners are moved a bit down so whole look is a bit pouty and sad, very interesting proposition. Brows – on Thabita shape is perfect but a bit too light in my taste (especially when it’s a bit tanned skintone), Alexia has darker tone and quiet good shape wich added to lips creat great sad and dramatic combo.


I’m pretty amazed with every new release from *BA* – they do great work in photorealistic sector.
And again check demos yourself @ BeautyAvatar Mainstore !

❤ F.

unless you’re some sort of sl-ascetic cave dweller you all are well aware of the gloriousness of miss kookie lemon’s shoemakery magic… equally breathtaking, and deserving of as much attention and affection, are her skins.

kookie’s latest work is nika, which comes in one mediumish tone. it’s all softness, from the ripe peach of a mouth down to the gentle curve of the booty:



there are 12 total face options. 6 are everyday eyemakeups; shown above is blue eyeshadow. 6 are tearstained faces; below is my personal favorite of all the nika line, smokey tears:


if you’ve never tried any of kookie’s skins, now is the perfect time. nika and her predecessor, champagne, are currently available half price (nika for 475L, and champagne for 250L), and the champagne line will be retired when the sale ends. champagne comes in two shimmery skintones, medium and light, and the makeups are some of the most creative you’ll ever see. shown here is 2-tone in champagne light:


useful information!
slurl to kookie’s main store
– hair: lamb
– lingerie: armidi, lovelace
– eyes: poetic color eyes

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